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Transfer Students If you are transferring from another language school or college in the USA, please print out the Transfer Form available on top of this page. Have it completed by the International Student Advisor at your present school. Email Transfer Form to
International Students
must submit financial proof of eligibility to pay for tuition, fees, books and living expenses for themselves (and their dependent family members, if any) for the entire duration of proposed study. Email financial support documents to You must show support for the time you plan to study at AFI. For certification of sources and amounts by banks and sponsors, please attach current original bank statement with amounts indicated in US dollars, or exchange rate must be specified. Documents must be in English. How much do I have to show on the Financial Certification? (Tuition + Living Expenses + Health Insurance) x Number of sessions = $______________
Dependent (F-2). [Complete only if you will bring a dependent to the U.S. Otherwise, please go to 7].
Program of Study
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